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​​​What happens if I want to keep going after the 28 Days?

Many of our challengers will want to continue training and become 360 Body Burn Members after the initial 28 days. You wlil be given the opportunity during the final week of the challenge to take advantage  of some exclusive challenge member only deals for our ongoing training/nutrition packages and we would be more than happy to help you continue right on going towards reaching all of your health and fitness goals!

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Are you ready for the 360 Body Burn Transformation Challenge?

This 28-day challenge, unlike most programs, will include your membership to all Just Dance & Fitness Studio group fitness classes. 

Why Choose This challenge?

Are You Ready to Start Your Transformation?

 If you answered yes and are ready to boost your energy and regain your confidence, then the 360 Body Burn Challenge is for you. Join the group of challengers that are ready to make changes just like you.

Just Dance & Fitness Studio is looking for a small group of serious men and woman to be in our Beta challenge group.  Our success formulas have been utilized by many of our current members at Just Dance & Fitness studio in the past 2 years.

The 360 Body Burn Transformation Challenge is not your ordinary ‘bootcamp” style challenge group.  This is a 28-day group personal fitness training program. You will work with your very own personalized Health Coach’s, Jennie and Tracy, the owners of Just Dance & Fitness Studio, to develop your very own personal fitness plan. They will hand pick your exercise and fitness classes, as well as help you with your nutrition. They will be your guide to get you through each and every day of this challenge by providing you with accountability as well as structure to help you become a winner and reach your personal goal. .  

What are the Benefits?

Unlimited access to all Just Dance & Fitness Studio Classes

Personal Goal Planning and Comprehensive assessment

Nutritional Counseling

Result Based Program

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The amazing rate for this program is normally $149,

but today we are giving a very SPECIAL price of $75

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360 Body Burn Transformation Challenge

The challenge will start with a consultation with Jennie and Tracy. They will work with you to develop this personalized program. Then you will receive your own body composition testing which will help them to decide the exact and perfect program for you., which will include fitness class and nutritional recommendations to insure you will see RESULTS!!

​​Are you ready to make some serious changes to your life and in your fitness journey?

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You're not joining a "typical bootcamp" or performance based "crossfit gym" jammed with 20-30 people and one "instructor", you're joining a Group Fitness Program.  We are a team with a drive to succeed, providing positive reinforcement, accountability and  a fun way to work out. 


Here, you are part of a TEAM.  Our passion is for your success, we hold you accountable and make sure that you reach your goals.  You can choose our weekly group meetings, or you can opt for a more personal one-on-one meeting. We also help you track your nutrition and workouts to keep you on the road to RESULTS


​If you follow your personlaized workout and the nutritional plan that will be put together for you, you will see results.  This is where accountability to your health coaches really is what drives the success of this challenge.