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​With Cayla Stone

Yoga Slow Flow

At the age of 16, Cayla suffered a traumatic incident that left her completely paralyzed on the left side of her body.  After being told she would never walk again; she was introduced to meditation and yoga, which she instantly felt an unexplainable passion for.  Through hard work and a positive mind-set she has overcome paralysis, lives life grateful for every moment and is especially thankful for the practice of yoga.  After being encouraged to teach yoga from various people, she set out to begin her journey.  In 2017 she received a yoga teacher certification and later that same year she traveled to Rishikesh, India where she resided and studied in a yoga Ashram.  This ultimately led her to completing her 200 hour yoga teacher training as well as registering with Yoga Alliance. 

She fully understands that life can be hard, that yoga can seem intimidating, and that it’s a lot easier to find reasons why we can't do something then it is to find the courage to say "yes I can." She has a firm belief that anybody is capable to doing yoga in a way that works for their bodies.  Cayla has a lot of experience with first timers so her classes are perfect for newbies.  Her classes will take you through a gentle beginner Hatha flow that will leave you feeling more aligned and in touch with yourself.


Slow Flow